The ttagency is an agency of representation, consulting and artistic promotion that will appeal to actors, writers and directors. It 'a young and dynamic company that is born from the experience and knowledge that commitment, determination and professionalism lead to the achievement of the objectives. The ttagency born with the clear desire to pay its business to a small number of players, in the belief that a more targeted and accurate work can ensure just and effective assistance to actors already established, and simultaneously give more young people the chance to emerge . We turn to the Italian market, but without neglecting the foreign market, having long established relationships with international agencies and productions. "One must have chaos within to create a dancing star." F. Nietzsche
TIZIANA DI MATTEO - Tiziana ttagency founded in 2011 after gaining valuable experience in the film industry, which began in 1998 in the film production Overtaking Films, where he worked until 2002. In the same year he moved to London where he obtained the First Certificate in Inglese from the University of Cambridge. Back in Italy in 2003 continues his experience in the manufacturing industry working for major film productions. In 2005 he decided to capitalize on the know-how acquired in the field, starting a new collaboration with artist management agency, which provides consultancy for all phases of the activity, with particular attention to the negotiations, contractual aspect but without neglecting the phase of artistic evaluation of projects proposed to the artists. For the same agency develops the foreign sector, establishing collaborations with agents of other countries and taking care of contracts and negotiations for international productions.

ALESSIA DI TURI - Alessia has a degree in Literature with specialization performing arts.
During his studies, in addition to cultivating the innate passion for cinema, it is also animated by a great curiosity for theater environment. By attending rehearsals of a play he decides to take that route. After a long journey, mostly as assistant director from 2002 he begins to work in different artistic management agencies to make information available to actors his passion for film and theater.
Today collaborates with ttagency, which pays special attention to the young actors sector.

MICHELE DONATELLI - attended the Dams of Rome. At the same time he started working as a tour manager for major theater companies. Later, his passion for cinema led him to work as an assistant casting director. This work allows him to deal not only with the needs of filmmakers, but also with those of the film and television industry. This sharpens his natural instincts as a talent scout. He considered the agent path, working for major facilities management, in which pays special attention to young players in the Experimental Center and the various academies. His way of working on youth and not only is marked by the utmost attention to the path of the individual, starting from the study of the image to get to the choice of projects, through a careful and determined artist promotion.